Bulkhead Connectors & Seal Cups


Funtional Description 
     Goyen ranges of bulkhead fittings are designed to reliably connect the valve to the blowtube through the wall of the filter (bulkhead). Making quick and easy connections to unthreaded blowtubes, without need for welding or any additional fittings, allows for significant time and material savings.
Two versions of the bulkhead compression fittings are available:
- PTO: two-piece tube connection fittings
- PTS:  through tube connection fittings
     Use smooth, unthreaded pipes for connecting the header tank and filter blowtubes to the valve. Then tighten the quick-fit connections with the proper size CH wrench (for nut rings) and PH (for bolts).

     Goyen's bulkhead connector are specifically designed for the reverse pulse jet filter cleaning of dust collectors and baghouses. These include all variations of bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters and sintered metal fiber filters.
     All Goyen products are backed by an experienced and dedicated team of engineers providing levels of technical support unmatched in the industry.
     Our bulkhead connectors are suitable for both noxious and environmental dust collection applications in a wide range of industries, including:
- Cement dust collection
- Mining dust collection
- Silo/bulk materials handling dust collection
- Industrial dust collection
- Power industry: protection of boilers and gas turbine intake filter systems

- Quick and easy installation of blowtubes and other piping
- Leakage-free: provides long-lasting seal to prevent air losses
- Prevents contamination by separating clean and dirty air streams
- Safe and reliable: made from die cast aluminium with anodized coating
- Broad temperature range (NBR: -30°C/+100°C or silicon: -60°C/+200°C)
- Fits any system: available sizes ranging from 20mm [3/4”] to 45mm [1.5”]

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   GOYEN's Bulkhead Connectors & Seal Cups

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