The flanged valves of the Goyen FS-series offer the best option when you use square tanks and prefer weldless flange connections. These diaphragm valves are designed for dust collectors and baghouses in which reverse pulse jet systems clean the filters.

Funtional Description 
     Our Goyen flanged valves for reverse pulse jet systems in dust collectors are manufactured from die cast aluminum. The high-performance diaphragm valves with a flanged inlet port and a slide seal outlet port allow for easy installation and removal. An enhanced design provides flow rates comparable to larger valves. These flanged valves can be orientated in any position other than upside down or inverted.
The temperature range of the flanged valves depends on the chosen model and diaphragm:
- Nitrile diaphragms: -40°C (-40°F) to 82°C (179.6°F)
- Viton diaphragms: -29°C (-20.2°F) to 232°C (449.6°F)
- Selected models with diaphragms for temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F)
- Springless diaphragm design available

      The Goyen FS-series are high-performance flanged valves for reverse pulse jet systems in dust collectors. They are used around the world to frequently clean the filters in systems aiming to control the dispersion of noxious substances, improve indoor air quality in workplaces, or prevent harmful dust emissions.
     These flanged valves are suitable for use in dust management systems in all types of industries and processes, including:
- cement production
- mining applications
- silo and conveyor systems, bulk goods handling
- general industrial dust collection
- improving indoor workplace air quality
- preventing harmful emissions
- power industry: protecting boilers and gas turbines from dust particles

Ready for use in any dust collector design
- For noxious substance control and environmental dust management
Cost savings
- Increased pulse efficiency, reduced energy consumption
- Durable materials and wide temperature range enhance lifespan
- Longer filter life, lower dust collector OPEX
- With environmental and health & safety regulations
Ease of installation
- No welding required with 90° connections directly onto square tanks
- Camlock adapter available for attachment to round tanks

Product Performance & Maintenance Kits


- Atex II 2D Mechanical (RCA only)
- CSA (C, US) [C22.2 No 139–10 and UL 429:2009] (CA & RCA)
- C-Tick (CA)
- EMC 2004/108/EC (CA)
- Low Voltage Directive

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   GOYEN's Pluse Jet Valves FS-Series

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