Investigating and fixing problems


Investigating and fixing problems


Pulse Jet Bag Filter vacuum cleaning system with automatic bag filter cleaning system by air which consists of soot, which is caused by various processes in the industry, will be sucked through the hood into the pipe before being sucked in. Bag Filter Air that is contaminated with dust, smoke and soot, whose particles are bigger than the filter cloth is filtered outside of the filter bag. The air that is filtered Will penetrate into the filter bag before leaving the dust filter into the high suction fan Before releasing clean air that has been filtered into the atmosphere Dust filter bags, when in use, will clog the filter fabric. Which must be cleaned during the operation of the dust filter using compressed air (Compressed Air) firing air through the nozzle into the filter bag to clean the dust that is outside of the bag to fall to the bottom of the dust filter And has been taken out of the machine using a Rotary Air Lock or Dust Bin, depending on the production process of each type

Compressed Air cleaning through the nozzle is controlled by a program from the PLC that activates the Soliniod Value, allowing the air pressure in the compressed air tank to flow into the fabric bag. As for setting the time for cleaning the filter bags slowly or quickly Depending on the delay time setting on the Touch Scanning, send it to the PLC to turn on the Solinoid Value that is installed with the dust filter. Can extract suction pipes in large increments from 1 suction pipe up to 100 pipes. The size of the separation pipe is not less than 3 inches in diameter, depending on the size and the needs of the work being done. Most Dust collector vacuum cleaners are Use with very fine powder. Shaking, sweeping, hammering, grinding, polishing, etc. All of these work are particles or dust particle sizes. Not too large with a high diffusion Therefore, it is necessary to use the space of collecting dust that is diffusing. As much as possible

Dust collector vacuum cleaners have a nozzle, also known as a cover, which can be either large or small depending on how much the operator wants to control the size and area of ​​the diffusers. In which the design must understand the constant volume of air or the suction During the journey of the dust particles (particles) before reaching the storage tank, including the size of the motor and blower used, must know the specifications (spec) air pressure In order to determine the suction size required for energy saving and can be used to meet the needs of the job

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