Maintenance of the pneumatic system


Maintenance of the pneumatic system

Maintenance of compressed air conditioning systems

           Pneumatic systems using compressed air compressors often have problems with moisture and dust that are present in the atmosphere, so these impurities must be removed prior to use by using an air filter to clean the air. In order to remove dust and moisture, sometimes the air contains a large amount of moisture in the system, it is necessary to have a dry air dryer for the air filter that should be cleaned every 100 hours of work or approximately 3 months by washing the air filter. Clean up (In the case of the air filter made of sintered metal material), but if the paper filter is used to blow air only enough. However, if the compressed air inlet and the compressed air outlet pipe have a pressure drop greater than 1 Bar, when the filter should be replaced, foreign matter entering the system may cause problems with the pneumatic device. 

           Adulterated thing in the compressed air affects the equipment in the pneumatic system, which will last for a long time or not depends on the quality of the compressed air. The compression is as follows

           1. Humidity

           2. Lubricating oil mixed with compressed air

           3. Oxide

           4. Dust

           5. Defects resulting from lubrication


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